Hill International Named Project Manager for New Kuwait Hospitals

Hill International, a global leader in construction management and construction claims services, announced that it would provide project and construction management services to two hospitals being built in Kuwait.

St. Louis Hospital Renovates MRI Facilities

St. Louis University Hospital recently completed a renovation of the MRI facility at its TenetCare outpatient diagnostic testing center. The project involved replacing the old exam room, adding a separate control room and updating the waiting area to create a more pleasant and relaxing patient experience.

Unique Cancer Center Wins Design Awards

University Hospitals (UH) recently received two major awards for its Seidman Cancer Center, which opened in April of 2011 and is seeking LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design gave the hospital an American Architecture Award, while the Cleveland Engineering Society recognized the structure with the Award of Excellence in the category of Large Project — New Construction.

Hospital Chooses Long-Term Savings in Retrofit

The Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital recently began a $3 million energy savings retrofit project, with Schneider Electric serving as general contractor and lead designer. The project is currently in the construction phase, with completion scheduled for April of 2013.

Hospital Employees Brave Hurricane Isaac

Though the public is always encouraged to stay off the streets during extreme weather events, many invariably don’t, and some end up needing to brave dangerous weather because of more pressing concerns, like severe injury or sickness.

Physical Security Information Management: Mitigating Risk in a Health Care Environment

By Mike Webster
Events such as the 2010 fatal shootings at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, and the theft of thousands of opioid pain relievers over a six-month period by a Minnesota hospital nurse — are examples of why security remains one of the biggest challenges faced by health care facility professionals.

The Un-Prison

By Ahavah Revis and Torrey Sims
The new Arizona State Forensic Hospital in Phoenix was designed to replace the existing 1952-built Forensic Hospital, which was comprised of 10 antiquated structures.

Private Hospital Firm Sets Industry Trends

In the world of heavily regulated industries, companies often find themselves stuck between two less than appealing options: either stay completely within the broadest interpretation of regulations, possibly sacrificing cost-saving opportunities in the process, or chasing savings while exposing themselves to higher risk of government intervention.

New Hospitals Rise in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Among the losses of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding it brought to the Gulf Coast, perhaps one of the greatest blows was the destruction of vital structures like a VA medical hospital in New Orleans, La.

New Orleans’ Hurricane Proof VA Hospital

Among the losses of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding it brought to the Gulf Coast, perhaps one of the greatest blows was the destruction of vital structures like VA medical hospital in the New Orleans area. Now the Department of Veterans Affairs is constructing a replacement, which is intended as a massive upgrade over the previous facility. Major hurricanes have been known to devastate local medical services, leaving them crippled for years in some cases.