Isolation Cart

Waterloo Healthcare Medical Carts offers a 4-Drawer Junior X-Tall Isolation cart that is built on an aluminum frame.

UVC Disinfectant

Tru-D is validated to deliver a measured dose of UVC to an area to target pathogens within any room and to disinfect the area.


Ecophon from CertainTeed Ceilings offers stunning, acoustically sound ceilings in an extensive array of designs and shapes for a wall-to-wall and non-continuous ceiling option.

Containment Units

The Kontrol Kube Containment Units from Fiberlock are built from durable, synthetic fabric that is three times stronger than traditional vinyl enclosures.

Rollator and Transport Chair

The Excel Translator from Medline offers a lightweight chair that can be converted from a rollator to a transport chair in seconds.