Search for Waste Disposal Ideas Begins

Edison Nation Medical, a product developer that helps innovators through the process of licensing, is searching for ways to improve hazardous waste disposal in hospitals and health care facilities.

MRI Users Rank Best Systems

GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba are dominating the MRI market, according to ECRI Institute.

Closed ERs May Impact Patient Mortality

Patients admitted to a hospital located near another hospital with a closed emergency department have a greater chance of dying, according to a California study published in the August issue of Health Affairs.

Yuma Regional Cancer Center Opens

A comprehensive cancer center has officially opened to provide cancer-care services in the southwestern Arizona region.

Headwall Wins International Design Award

A headwall designed exclusively for the University of California-San Diego Jacobs Medical Center received first prize in the Industrial and Life Science Design category for the International Design Awards (IDA).

Health Care Providers Choose Top-performing Vendors

KLAS, a research and performance data provider for the health care market, released its 2014 Best in KLAS: Medical Equipment and Infrastructure report on July 29.

Detroit Medical Center Opens Comprehensive Heart Hospital

Detroit Medical Center’s new Heart Hospital, which held a grand opening celebration on July 29, is reportedly the first newly constructed hospital in Detroit in nearly 20 years.

Wivenhoe, CHCER Develop Emergency Management Program

Starting Friday, Wivenhoe Group, headquartered in Millstone Township, N.J., and Nashville-based Center for Healthcare Emergency Readiness (CHCER) will team up to develop an emergency readiness program for the health care industry.

Pomegranate to Expand Teen Psychiatric Hospital

Pomegranate Health Systems of Central Ohio broke ground last week on an addition to the existing psychiatric hospital and residential treatment facility located off Harmon Avenue in Columbus.

JLL Partners With CLEO Construction Management

JLL, a commercial real estate firm, is joining forces with CLEO Construction Management (CLEO) to enhance services for the western health care real estate sector.